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Roadside Diner

Stories from a Roadside Diner features an eclectic group of travellers who are transformed by their journey west and each other. On the road with a tale to tell, you will meet Celeste, a French-Canadian socialite struggling with alcoholism and self-doubt; Cody, a former teen idol attempting to make good on his natural gifts, and Abigail, a self-proclaimed wallflower confronting her past while caring for the dead next door, among others…

There is an overarching story that creates surprising plot twists and sets everyone on a new trajectory.

The Super Computer Caper

Augustus Bartholomew Bertand and the Super Computer Caper

Augustus Bartholomew Bertrand, or Augie as he is affectionately known, is determined to find a super computer stolen by computer nappers and hidden in the park. He embarks on an adventure where he uses the full extent of his imagination to uncover the truth, making friends and connecting to nature along the way.