About Me

I’m Mary Lynn,

…a writer, a mother of four young men, a health and wellness advocate, and an entrepreneur. I spent decades raising my beloved boys, balancing work and family responsibilities, and have become an author and mentor for other writers in recent years.

I focus on the journeys that transform us, whether that is through roaming the inner terrain or by navigating external circumstances. I believe that we are all interconnected and influenced by forces beyond our control, for better or worse, depending on how we interact with them. Beauty and truth are concepts I explore, as is generational trauma and healing.

In my career, I’ve travelled various paths from being a communications consultant to owning a yoga studio. While these may seem different, what they have in common is the desire to dive into what unites us, whether that is words, our breathing, or our bodies. Recently, I have founded the Leadership Literary Lab.

I live a healthy lifestyle and push myself physically, whether that is through a vinyasa sequence or up a mountain, but still like creamy coffee and chocolate. I find solace in nature, hiking the Rockies in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. Fitness is a state-of-mind, whether that means being disciplined at work or making a commitment to get to the gym.

Having said that, I am affected by chronic pain due to a whiplash injury, so I use movement and writing to heal. My stories often recount transformative journeys due to traumatic events or family dysfunction. I believe in taking responsibility, choosing to thrive, and/or accepting the consequences of our actions.

I’m striving to traditionally publish my first novel while I mentor other nonfiction authors. I study the craft voraciously and spend most of my time working on manuscripts while I build the Literary Lab. I have been in the same book club for over 20 years. There is more I could say, but perhaps, the pages I write reveal more about me than anything I could pen here.

Becoming an Author

My career began as a teaching assistant in the English Department at the
University of Calgary in the late 1980s. After graduation, I wrote a proposal to the president of an oil and gas company to create a position for me where I became a technical writer/editor. Four years later, I started my own business as a ghostwriter/editor for executives in resource-based, environmental and technology led industries.

Fast-forward to 2018, and I completed a program called Creative Work where I discovered my love of fiction writing. In 2021, I penned the first draft of my short story collection, earning a Graduate Certificate, Humber School of Writers, and subsequently completed my Master of Arts, Creative and Critical Writing with Merit from the University of Gloucestershire.

My Why

Why do I hammer away at the keyboard for hours? I love language and believe in the power of stories. When I ignore that small inner voice, it whispers persistently write, write, write.

I remember feeling terrified when I stared down the blank page for the first time, afraid that I couldn’t do it, or worse, that I had nothing to say, but years later, in am still clicking away. Writing is my way of peaking beneath the surface into what makes us most human.

I am also interested in literacy trends. Young people are not reading with the same depth and enjoyment today because of advances in technology. On screen, it is possible to take in vast volumes of information, but it is more difficult to immerse oneself in a story. Researchers have identified the need for bi-literate brain development, so I’m researching more about this.

Someone once asked me: Is writing hard? Yes. But the question I asked myself next was: Is there anything else I would rather do? No. Creating characters in narratives that touch the heart is my great delight!