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Wild Rose Writer penning stories from the foothills of Alberta, Canada

Novels capturing maverick spirit, a sense of freedom with unbridled potential

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Mary Lynn Cloghesy, Author

My name is Mary Lynn Cloghesy. I’m a fiction writer from Alberta, Canada, and founder of the Leadership Literary Lab.

I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so my work reflects a western sensibility and a fascination with the supernatural. My debut, Stories from a Roadside Diner, is nearing completion, and I’ve recently released an adventure story for early readers.

A supernatural spin on the fabled journey west…

Growing up in Alberta, my books capture a maverick spirit unique to the Canadian west. I write about people who are seeking freedom in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where supernatural forces may be at play.

The landscape with its blue skies, rolling green hills, and white peaks draws travellers on journeys of self-discovery. It is a place of unbridled potential and unspoken rules, where nature is ever present and the past recedes into the distance. You can roam with the wildlings here and smell wild roses in the wind.