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Mary Lynn Cloghesy, Author

I’m Mary Lynn, a fiction writer from Alberta, Canada, known as the Wild Rose Writer. I grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so my work reflects a western sensibility and my fascination with paranormal phenomenon. ‘Beacon: Stories from a Roadside Diner’, is nearing completion, and I’ve started a new novel called ‘Claire O’Connor, The Chain Link Murder’.

A supernatural spin on the fabled journey west…

Growing up in Alberta, my books capture a maverick spirit unique to Wild Rose Country. My short story collection, ‘Beacon, Stories from a Roadside Diner’, explores supernatural forces at play in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains as mysterious connections form between a group of travellers.

My latest novel, ‘Claire O’Connor, The Chain Link Murder’ takes that notion even further, both thematically and geographically. When a body is found impaled on a post in an historic site in Victoria, British Columbia, Claire, a young clairvoyant, is brought in to help solve the case. A paranormal thriller, the drama that unfolds will cause her to question everything she understands about herself, her gifts, and her family.